Presently, as many as 44% of first responders meet the diagnostic thresholds for one or more psychological injuries at any given time, a rate four times that of the general population. Despite documented harms and decades of efforts to foster change, progress toward change has been slow and new approaches are required.

Blueprint’s groundbreaking work with first responders tackles these issues in life-or-death environments where masculine work culture can be a source of strength but also of suffering. Stoicism in the face of danger shouldn’t mean silence about trauma. 

Using clinical research and practice, our First Responder Resiliency Program gives police and firefighters an avenue for recovery and growth that many of them desperately need.

We may delegate care for the vulnerable but we should not abdicate responsibility to care for those we delegate the task to.

– Dr. Duncan Shields, PhD, RCC, Blueprint Founder


Developed in collaboration with the British Columbia Professional Fire Fighters Association (BCPFFA) and the British Columbia Police Association (BCPA), and national Veterans organizations, this evidence-based program has demonstrated success in reducing symptoms of depression and post-traumatic stress among participants while promoting personal and family well-being. It facilitates the transformation of masculine service culture to balance an emphasis on stoicism and strength with the creation of work cultures that embrace empathy and compassion for self, each other, and the community.

We recognized an overwhelming need to change our culture within the fire service. Without a doubt, the change in the individual participants and fire departments across BC has been and continues to be extremely positive. The difference this program is making is significant; if we can be healthy and resilient at work, we can be healthy at home with our families!

– Gord Ditchburn, BC Professional Fire Fighters Association

Built by First Responders, for First Responders

BC Police Association and the Vancouver Police Union

BC Professional Firefighters Association (BCPFFA)

Worksafe BC

Port Moody Fire Local 2399 and Burnaby Fire Local 323

Atlas Institute For Veterans And Families


Blueprint used the initial research to create a uniquely upstream program for first responders to safely unburden themselves from operational stress and psychological trauma and maintain resiliency through dialogue with their peers.

The program is changing first responder culture.

  • Significant and lasting reduction in PTSD and depression.
  • Significant increase in self-compassion, quality of life, well-being and interpersonal functioning.
  • Improved work culture, team cohesion, engagement and performance.